Activities at the Pangolin Chobe Hotel

We pride ourselves on offering the most unique wildlife photography experiences in The Chobe.

We use specially designed boats and vehicles that not only offer our guests plenty of comfort but also features which will appeal to the nature enthusiast and wildlife photographers.

We believe, sincerely, that everyone on safari has the need to get great photographs to remember their experience and here is where we can help. We can supply you with a camera and telephoto lens, as an enhancement to your safari experience at no extra cost, and show you quickly and simply how to make the most of this amazing opportunity.

Since we opened the doors of the hotel nearly three-quarters of our guests have arrived without cameras and left with (literally) handfuls of memory cards filled with beautiful images and memories from their time with us and a new found skill set that is often the start of a magical journey deeper into wildlife photography.

Our Boats

Our boat are unique in The Chobe and designed specifically for comfort and stability. There are eight individual padded seats aligned down the centre of the boat which rotate 360 degrees. For wildlife photography each chair has a “gimbal” which can be added to mount your camera and telephoto lens – which we can supply free of charge should you not have your own.

On each cruise you will be accompanied by a Botswana registered guide who will drive and position the boat along with a Pangolin Photo Host to help you with your photography.

Our Vehicles

There is nothing worse on safari than a game viewer crammed full of guests with no room to move! At the Pangolin Chobe Hotel our vehicles are designed so that everyone has a window seat and fore guests with cameras each seat has a bean bag to rest your lens.

As with the boats the vehicles are driven by a guide accompanied by a Pangolin Photo Host to help with the photography while in the Chobe National Park.

Camera Gear

Who hasn’t dreamt of returning from their safari with an amazing photograph to treasure? We are big plans of wildlife photography at The Pangolin Chobe Hotel and every guest is provided (should they not have their own) with one of our cameras and telephoto lenses to use during your time in the Park – free of charge.

If you are new to photography then the Pangolin Photo Host accompanying you will show you the basics and have you shooting like a pro in no time!